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Cooking Program for Men
- By Peter Graben

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Our culinary team building events bring business people together to improve communication, interaction and cooperation, to build morale and incite random bursts of laughter. The act of preparing good food together becomes the focus for sharing responsibility and appreciating each individual?s contribution.

What better way is there to work towards a common goal than roasting, grilling, sautéing, braising and baking an incredible dessert? Go on, TASTE this experience!! Feel the Excitement!!

Each ManChef event is custom designed to meet your corporate or organization goals and accommodate your budget. We welcome groups of ten to fifty, any day and any time.

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For our Down Town clients Yes, with plethora of space

Corus Quay, the new Toronto headquarters for Corus Entertainment, is located on Toronto's waterfront Corus Quay has been designed as an open concept environment to foster collaboration and innovation. With street level radio studios and a studio performance space that opens onto Canada's Sugar Beach, Corus Quay plays a vital role in the activities of the waterfront community.

Studio Lounge, 8th floor Lounge and Screening Facility. 100 seats Performance Studio 150 to 200 guests. Orientation & Front Lobby.100 guests. Corporate Board Room 24 guests, Corus University @ Break Out Rooms. 42 guests. 6th Floor Screening Room facility 42 guests.

The permutations of the facility can accommodate any type of corporate or private event.

About the Miele Gallery Up North.

A Unique Space this 7500 square foot gallery and showroom provides a distinctive and elegant setting for a variety of special events and business meetings. The heart of the Gallery is the state-of-the-art Miele Active Kitchen featuring five workstations designed to engage and entertain guests. In addition, the facility offers several meeting rooms to provide a professional business environment to host seminars and conferences.


Hi Peter,

Just wanted to let you know that we successfully just finished a combination of lessons 1 and 2. We had pan fried salmon and boiled fluffy rice with cucumbers and mushrooms and green beans. (ok, the cucumber wasn?t a good choice).

Everything was delicious and a huge improvement from hotdogs and brown canned beans!

It was a nice treat (and Jack even cleaned up!).

Can?t wait for another culinary delight!!


Rhonda D.

Thanks for a great evening and an amazing dinner. Can you send us the recipe for the baked pears please?
Cheers. Mark


ManChef is well into its 2nd year and the accomplishments of the fine group of gentlemen who have joined our cooking school is remarkable. Over the course of the program the students have been able to hone their skills with immense enthusiasm.

As a cooking instructor watching the progress of the students grow from beginners to cooking experts has given me a great sense of satisfaction.

ManChef is not just a cooking school, it?s a relaxed environment that fosters team environment where students work together to cook fabulous dishes and eat what they cook.

Thank you very much for being part of the action and I look forward to creating more feasts!
Peter G.

Peter's Cooking Tips and Tricks

Don?t try and catch a falling knife.

November Classes.

Day Time Classes:

Monday, Wednesday & Thursday. 11:30am to 1:30 pm.

Evening Classes:

Monday, Wednesday & Thursday. 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm.

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