Cooking Program for Men - By Peter Graben
Cook Something Every Day

The key to eating better begins with a diet of real food;
cook something every single day even if you are not good at it.
NO, especially if you are not good at it.

Start by going to the grocery store and keep to the perimeter, that's where all the fresh ingredients are fruit and vegetables on one wall, dairy on another, meat on the third isle..

Make your Meal and the flavour your craving;
prepare healthy, tasty meals at home.

Cooking Made Easy Using Tutorial Videos

Video cooking tutorials and recipes - showing you how cooking can be easy, quick and interesting. ManChef has geared up to help generate new cooking ideas and tips for you at home and specialise in recipes that use everyday ingredients.

Video is a great medium for learning to cook-whether it's a specific dish or a cooking technique. ManChef, "the web's newest recipe videos," conveniently gathers cooking videos and organizes them by ingredients, dishes, and cuisine ManChef has created an exceptional culinary training tool that can reach you on a scale not previously thought possible.

Washing Celery: to wash celery, hold the entire stalk under cold running water. Gently separate the individual stalks to allow water to run in between them.

There are only 15 calories in two celery stalks, but a serving packs 15 percent of your daily vitamin C recommendation and 10 percent of Vitamin A, fiber, potassium and foliate. Celery has long been touted as a nerve soother and aphrodisiac, as it contains male pheromones believed to attract women!


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