Cooking Program for Men
- By Peter Graben


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First of all let me wish all of my readers a happy, prosperous, and safe New Year. And let me take this opportunity to thank all of you and who come back week-after-week to read this newsletter. You are very important to us.

We hope you are enjoying a well-deserved break with your families and loved ones. We wish
you all a healthy and prosperous 2012.

Time is a precious commodity for most people these days. However, one?s health, wellness and vitality should be a precious commodity as well. Peter?s philosophy is stemmed around whole foods. He is dedicated to teach providing balanced lifestyle choices through eating sensible practical meals. Using passion and experience, Peter strives to educate on how everyday eating can be simple and delicious.
ManChef provides hands-on cooking classes for the novice. Tasting is encouraged, and your inner chef is invited to play. The best part? Every class ends with a dinner party!

ManChef shows you how to be as cool in the kitchen as you are everywhere else.

We say ?Mission Accomplished!? when a student leaves a ManChef class planning the next time he'll be cooking. You see, our aim is to empower and excite our students to go into their own kitchens and create! Of course, we teach skills (how to use a knife, how to flip ingredients in a sauté pan) - but we really focus on instilling confidence - with a dash of playfulness - in each of our classes.

We immerse you in the theme of that particular class and create the delicious dishes step by step, with explanations and anecdotes along the way.

What you will find at ManChef is a fun environment with hands on (experiential) learning. ? We cook it all together. We focus on health healthy, organic and local foods. Real Food, Real Menus, Real Men. You?ll leave with a newfound confidence and a spring in your step. And hopefully, you?ll be cooking more at home!

Our Team Building Events.

Our hands-on culinary events are ideal for corporations and private celebrations. For corporations, our team building events can teach, challenge and reward. We have pioneered corporate team building events to energize your team and boost their strengths.

For private celebrations, our cooking party ideas will transform your birthday, anniversary, or shower into an experience you will cherish. We will assist you to personalize every aspect of your event

We offer carefully designed options, games and challenges to encourage you to smile, laugh and learn. Our approach to cooking classes is deliciously unique.
Our events are fully hands-on. With the best in professional assistance and ingredients, you will create a gourmet meal to treasure.

Peter's Cooking Tips and Tricks

Use one cutting block for raw meat,
and one for everything else.

Chopping Boards. Buying a couple of good-quality, heavyweight wooden chopping boards are a good investment. (You're a man - you're not worried about lifting a few heavy weights, are you?) These will last forever with a little care - just wipe them down after use (never put them in the dishwasher). Use one for uncooked meat and everything else on the other, to avoid any unpleasant incidents with bacteria


Day Time Classes:
Monday, Wednesday & Thursday. 11:30am to 1:30 pm.

Evening Classes:
Monday, Wednesday & Thursday. 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm.

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