Cooking Program for Men - By Peter Graben
For men of all generations, cooking represents the worst kind of irony;

Feeding ourselves is our most basic human need, but for some reason no one bothered to tell us how to do it (or even that it was important to learn).

So we grew up, left the house and became dependent on our spouses or restaurants and instant meals, only to find out, years later, that this "food" has been killing us slowly. Now what are we supposed to do? Learning to cook is important, but can be intimidating if you've never done more than boil water, open cans and zap frozen entrees. Navigating the kitchen is much easier if you know a few simple tricks that ManChef can teach you.

While each of these Culinary Events is personalized to meet your individual needs, our full-service, all-inclusive experience is standard.

Join our Experienced Chefs and Professional Service Staff for a Delicious Event that is ½ cup of Learning, a ½ cup of Party and a full glass of memories!

Put your Chef's hat on...
Discover the right recipe for success:

This interactive and engaging team challenge uses cooking as the central activity. Much like business strategy - there are many ingredients and accompaniments that make it a success.

We offer hands-on cooking classes and team building events designed to unify and entertain. We blend the satisfaction of preparing a meal with the pleasures of enjoying one.

That's right. Your meal is in your hands...along with a little help from us. Food always brings people together. Culinary Team Building events create an environment that promotes creativity, communication and cooperation among participants, allowing them to relate in ways not possible in the office.

Students, grab your whisks!

Peter's Cooking Tips & Tricks

Fruit (other than berries) shouldn't be stored in the fridge.
Refrigerators dull the taste of most produces, so if you bought something that doesn't need to go in there leave it out. Most fruits including apples, oranges, pears and bananas don't belong in the refrigerator unless you're not planning on eating them soon. I don't refrigerate tomatoes, avocados or peppers either. Very hot climates are an exception, however.

Cooking Made Easy Using Tutorial Videos


Day Time Classes:
Monday, Wednesday & Thursday.
11:30am to 1:30 pm.

Evening Classes:
Monday, Wednesday & Thursday.
7:00 pm to 9:00 pm.

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