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Let Peter Flavour Up Your Team Building Activity

This corporate team activity is the epitome of team building events! Just like in the TV show teams will experience it all. Teamwork, time management, delegation, risk management, change management and the list goes on.! This is a team building classic where teams can have their cake and eat it too!... Read More>>

Unadulterated excitement into corporate Team Building

Peter Graben's Man Chef injects bold flavours and pure, unadulterated excitement into corporate team building. The events produced by Peter focus on the importance of stepping out of your comfort zone by embracing the unconventional. We challenge the status quo of team building by igniting excitement, competition and infectious creativity..... Read More>>

Cooking Class Parties & Private Cooking Events

ManChef is a mobile culinary events company staging corporate team building events and private cooking parties throughout the Toronto area. These innovative group cooking classes inspire teamwork, camaraderie and collaboration.... Read More>>

Healthy Cooking & Living with Peter Graben

In addition to teaching cooking technique, empowers people with the knowledge to make better choices when it comes to buying and preparing food. I believe that a lack of awareness about our industrial food supply has contributed to the increase in modern diseases such as obesity, cancers and food allergies... Read More>>

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Single Session $50.00

Find yourself cutting your fingers more than your food? Why not take this hands-on class that covers basic knife skills. Learn how to sharpen your knife as well as the techniques for slicing, dicing and julienning. Superior knife skills can make a difference to the presentation and even the flavours of each dish.

Breakfast is often described as the most important meal of the day, and for good reason. Eating a healthy breakfast helps you meet your daily vitamin and mineral needs and increases your concentration and productivity levels throughout the day.

Single Session $50.00
Breakfast Burritos, Frittatas, Rostie Potatoes.

Call: 416.967.1818 to Book!

About Culinary School
Peter Graben's Cooking Classes For Men.

So You Think You Can Cook?
Let's face it, a Boiled Egg or take out pizza just doesn't cut it. You can do it!

- Be Independent!
- Eat Healthy!
- Fun Straightforward Meals!

Take the Cooking Classes with Peter Graben.

Practical Cooking School in Toronto for Men. The ManChef provides culinary training for Men, team building & corporate team building.

Learn to cook for yourself:
- Chop-Cut-Dice-Cook
- Cook Chicken Beef,Fish,Pasta,Vegetables
- Follow Recipes- Shop Wisely for Nutritious Foods.

Don't forget the " F " word! The all important Fibers - we will cook them as well.

Man is an informal "small group" setting to learn cooking skills, from beginners to Gourmet level. Ideal for Mature Gentlemen, Care Givers, Bachelors, Baby Boomers. Zoomers, Generation X'ers, Stags and Poker Nights. Please join us for fun and fabulous food.

E-mail - Peter Graben with your interest in joining Toronto cooking classes.

Please call 416-967-1818 for available dates.
Ethnic Flavour Profiles and Kosher Cooking Instruction. is a division of Peter Graben Caterers

Who has been enjoying these private cooking events?

The answer is media firms entertaining advertisers, software companies hoping to build cross-divisional rapport, securities firms hosting their clients, stags, poker nights, pharmaceutical sales reps corporate "team building” after national sales meetings and law firms organizing events for summer associates. hands on is the answer to your company’s on or off site event, Each event is custom designed to meet your needs for any size group, anytime, anywhere.

Likewise, private cooking events have proven to be a great idea for birthday, anniversary, engagement, shower, graduation and family reunion events. And some couples have found that our events are a great way to entertain friends

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ManChef Toronto Cooking Classes

490 MacPherson Avenue
Toronto, Ontario
- Right by Casa Loma -

From Zero's to Hero's in 9 Lessons
Day and Evening classes
Costs: $900.00/course Nine Lessons or $100.00 per individual class.
Cost is per person, taxes not included.

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